EVA encapsulation film line

SIMCHENG has also designed EVA film line whose applications are :
Security flat interlayer glass 、arc interlayer glass、arts and crafts interlayer glass、bulletproof glass、discoloration interlayer glass、Intelligent conductive glass and other special deep processing glass like solar battery.
The basic characteristics of EVA encapsulation film line
1、Additive,mixture of materials and dosing feeder. 2、Prevention from pre-heating Crosslinking reaction of peroxide.
3、The solution to the problems of adhering roll during the period of forming. 4、To ensure the complete forming and stable performance of the transition unit.
5、The recycling and utilization of the of the edge trim. 6、Uniform of winding films,at the same time toensure the appropriate tightness.
7、Closed loop control,PLC man-machine interface operation. 8、Efficient flowing distribution and temperature control stableness of the Die.

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For specialized cast film machine, why not choose SIMCHENG?
  SIMCHENG specializes in designing and manufacturing a series of cast film lines, such as CPP/CPE film line, PVB glass interlayer film line, EVA high-viscosity film line. Due to high quality, high performance, high technology products, we have achieved best reputation in the plastic industry in the domestic market and have set our long-term goal to build a global brand of cast film machinery.
·Advanced manufacturing ability of complex machine
We are the first manufacturer of super width (5,000mm) and high-speed CPP/CPE cast film line, PVB glass interlayer film line and EVA cast film line in china. With our high technology products, we have been awarded advanced science and technology prizes of national level for many times.
To meet the needs of high precision machining, the company has imported advanced large-scale processing center, such as 4-shaft, 5-shaft (vertical, horizontal or pentahedron type) machining centre, CNC compound machining centre, which ensures to provide high-quality and precision components.
·Value-added solution
Our efforts are not only to provide high quality products, but also to utilize existing product technologies adapted to meet specific customer’s requirements in developing, designing and manufacturing complex machines. With our know-how and extensive knowledge in production process, sources of suppliers for raw material and auxiliary equipment, we have the ability to provide necessary technical consulting and other value-added services to our customers.
We are the leading company in the industry in China to challenge the existing technologies. On yearly basis, our R&D team would work on new projects to improve the technology of the engineering of the machine, to develop the key components and key process of the whole set of line. We work closely with universities and institutions and we are able to apply the latest technology with Simcheng cast film lines.
·Simcheng, Your Reliable Partner !

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